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Demagnetizing papers and Zeromag news

Papers on Zeromag and arc blow

In the zone

Degauss or null?

Around the pipe

State of the arc


Zeromag News

The first automatic demagnetizer  (forerunner of Zeromag) was designed and manufactured in the mid 1990s but was large and heavy.  Using new technology, the first compact portable version of the current Zeromag ZM100A was designed and manufactured in the early 2000’s.  This provided a truly portable and extendable solution for industrial welding.  Its specification is under constant review has undergone periodic upgrades ever since.  Since 2006 we have produced a newsletter on developments in our demagnetizing and meter ranges and the latest newsletter can be downloaded here.

Historic newsletters:



Wind turbines

Training in Thailand

Oil blowout



High power

Clam coil