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The Diverse Zeromag ZM100A is a demagnetising system for steel pipes and plates. It is used to reduce the magnetic field levels in welding joint preparations to levels which are low enough to enable welding to proceed. It's novel technology has been solving this problem for welders around the world for over 15 years.  The solution is fast (ready to weld in just a few seconds), deep penetrating (will handle 50mm thick wall size) and easy to use.

Zeromag with degauss cable and probe

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Zeromag is used to eliminate arc blow which can occur when the parts to be welded are magnetic - this shows up as high magnetic field levels in the joint preparation. This table lists the most common effects of magnetism on welding processes.

Even when weak magnetic fields are present in the steel, the effect of the reduction in face area in a V or J weld preparations serves to concentrate the magnetic flux. Consequently, the value in the joint preparation can easily be several hundred gauss and fields reaching 1000 gauss are possible.

Working with large pipes, Zeromag can reduce magnetic field levels to below 10 gauss even with residual field levels of over 1000 gauss.

With Zeromag, you are in control - you can see the magnetic field level in the weld area, control Zeromag either manually or automatically and see the magnetism shrink to zero.  You then know its clear to weld unimpeded.

Zeromag can be extended to provide joint or pipe end degaussing.



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