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The Diverse Zeromag ZM50 is a demagnetising system for steel pipes and plates similar to the ZM100A. However it is packaged in a splash proof container for deployment in sub sea welding habitats.

It is used to reduce the magnetic field levels in welding joint preparations to levels which are low enough to enable welding to proceed. It uses the same novel technology as the ZM100A. The solution is fast (ready to weld in just a few seconds), deep penetrating (will handle 50mm thick wall size) and easy to use.

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In order to meet the requirement for small diameter (so that the unit can be housed within the environment), the ZM50 uses 2 x 900W power units working together.  The basic controller is similar to the ZM100A and retains the same basic functionality for manual and automatic field nulling.  As with the whole family of Zeromags, it can be used with the ZM150 degauss unit.

The ZM50 is housed in a stainless steel drum with a splash proof front panel seal.  A ring handle allows the unit to be manipulated to the working site in the habitat.

With Zeromag, you are in control - you can see the magnetic field level in the weld area, control Zeromag either manually or automatically and see the magnetism shrink to zero.  You then know its clear to weld unimpeded.

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