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The Diverse ZEROMAG measures and neutralizes magnetic fields which may be present in the weld preparation region of mating steel components. When working with plate or pipes, the demagnetisation process requires that the magnetic field is controlled via the demagnetizing cables. This works well when the object can be coiled around with the cables but for large diameters or plate applications lay on coils are used.

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For high fields the most efficient way to null the magnetic field is to use ZeroZone. This is prewound with 40 turns and provides a magnetic bridge across the weld prep to allow control of the magnetism.

In operation, ZeroZone is placed across the weld prep. The arms and pole pieces are adjusted so that the active area of the pole pieces are in close contact with both sides of the work piece. ZeroZone is then connected back to Zeromag and the system powered on. All the normal modes of Zeromag are available.

Once the magnetism is nulled, welding can commence within the jaws of ZeroZone, and as the weld advances, ZeroZone can be moved to track the torch or welding halted to allow ZeroZone to be moved. The technique used depends on the application.

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