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World-Class welding training

Diverse specialise in magnetism and arc blow. Through this we have formed strategic alliances with other companies, and are pleased to provide a link to specific welding courses run by Weld-Class Solutions.

They provide training and qualification in all aspects of welding technology - from practical arc welding courses to internationally recognised accredited courses including PCN Welding Inspection and Diploma courses for company employees and individuals. Bespoke in-house courses for companies are available.

Zeromag training

- Zeromag is easy to use.

- As any welder will tell you - magnetism is tricky!

Training allows you and your team to get the best from your Zeromag. The training starts from the simplest discussions about magnetism and leads on to good understanding of magnetism, where it comes from and how it can be tackled. Finally there is a practical hands on session where delegates have the chance to use the equipment on a job of your choosing.

The training takes a full day, 50% spent in class and 50% with practical

hands on in the workshop or on-site.  The classroom lecture is an informal presentation that seeks to provide the background knowledge about whether the problem is magnetism, where it comes from, how to overcome the problem and how to get the best from the equipment.

The practical use will require a set up in your workshop to include a pipe butt weld, and Zeromag. Delegates will each be given the chance to use the equipment under supervision. The exact format will depend upon available test pieces, space etc.

The Diverse team are available for consultancy tasks ranging from magnetic site surveys, investigation of the likely source of the magnetism through to using advanced techniques to overcome specific magnetic arc blow problems.

We can also run our training course on-line over a Skype link.  The costs for this option are lower, but it does not provide the hands on training on the job that delegates receive on the personally taught course.