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The Squeeze Analyser measures the electrode force at key points during a resistance welding cycle by giving a measure of the squeeze force when the welding current is applied and also the peak force in the welding cycle. Thus both the timing of the electrode current and the squeeze time can be correctly adjusted.

Correct setting of the squeeze time will result in greater productivity, improved weld quality and reduced electrode wear. Squeeze Analyser is recommended for routine quality checks and following servicing of resistance welding equipment. It allows both the timing of the weld and the forces to be adjusted to the optimum settings.

  • Measures the squeeze force - the force when the electrode current commences.
  • Measures the peak force - the maximum force in the welding cycle.
  • Display shows if the timing of the resistance welding cycle is correct.
  • Enables resistance welding equipment to be correctly adjusted within minutes.
  • Ensures high quality resistance welds.
  • Meets BS 5750/ ISO 9000 quality assurance requirements.
  • Fully calibrated and delivered with certification.
  • Supplied with a protective carrying case and full user instructions.

This is a mature product and is now only built to order. Minimum quantity 2 units.


Squeeze Analyser SQA

SQA manual


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Optimise squeeze/weld cycle