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Zeromag solutions:

A variety of solutions from spotting the arc blow problem to methods for nulling the magnetic field or degaussing components or parts of them. Specifically:

Zeromag demagnetizing Techniques

Demagnetizing Inconel and stainless clad pipes

Solutions for pipe manufacturers

Welding problems

Magmeter solutions:

These robust hand held units can be set up to do a wide variety of tasks.  The user manual discusses items such as setting averaging counts, RMS measurement and data logging.

Ferrite meter solutions:

Background of ferrite measurement and how the Diverse Ferrite Meter can be used in a variety of measurement scenarios, the user manual of the instrument provides measurement and logging methologies.

Magnetite detection:

The MF500M instrument address a very difficult measurement problem. The user manual provides the mathematical background as well as some useful tips on its use and interpretation of its measurement results.

Diverse have had a number of papers published describing the background to our products and how their design is used to provide efficient solutions to engineering problems.



Magnetic meters

Ferrite meter

Magnetite meter

Squeeze Analyzer

Pipe manufacture


Magmeter MF300H+ and probe Ferite meter MF300F+ with probe and samples in case Magnetite meter and probe

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Zeromag with degauss cable and probe knowledge