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Diverse provide a variety of services for its customers.  Historically we have provided consultancy and design services and that still continues.  In addition we provide services to support our demagnetizing operations worldwide.

Zeromag training:

On-site or on-line (Skype) training of Zeromag users covering both the background and the practical use of the equipment. This is a standard training package priced per attendee, all of whom receive a certificate.


Removal of magnetism from steel parts - conducted a a single operation or via the design and supply of bespoke equipment.

Magnetic system design:

Diverse have extensive experience in the design of instruments and systems for industrial and commercial use.

Magnetic site survey:

Often the magnetism problem is difficult to understand and hence difficult to plan a strategy.  Using our instruments, we can measure and map the magnetism in large items. We have done this for buildings, industrial plants and large machine tools.


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Magnetism & Welding


Multi-physics Analysis

Comsol consultants, Diverse provide full mathematical modelling service for complex physical arrangements, for example analysis of a magnetic motor where the magnetic field, the torque and the temperature rise can be determined in a single model.  Please contact us to discuss your application.

Magnetic finite element analysis

Light guide design

Diverse have a long history of providing designs of light guides and related photometric parts. We have a variety of state of the art optical analysis and synthesis tools that allow the design and photometric modelling of almost any light guide or lens.

Customers include: Snap on, Bosch, Meile, Chloride, Duracell, Lucas, Siemens, Thorn, Corning ... and many others.

Optical Photometry