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Zeromag portable weld demagnetizer. Used in conjunction with our Magmeter, the Zeromag can reduce the net magnet field in large steel parts to zero allowing unimpeded arc welding.

Zeromag ZM100A standard demagnetizing unit used around the world by hundreds of users.  It is the workhorse of the Zeromag range.

Zeromag ZM100A-33 High power Zeromag, offering all the same control functionality as Zm100A, but at 3KW is has over twice the power available.

Zeromag ZM50 This Zeromag is configured for sub sea welding habitats. It retains all the control features and has the same power output at the stadard unit.

Zeromag ZM150 Degauss unit is used in conjunction with any of the Zeromag family to degauss weld joints after fit up or pipe ends before fit up.

The ZMCC Clam Coil provides a fast and effective solution for winding 25 turns of demagnetizing cable in a single action. Then just plug into Zeromag and your ready!

The ZMZN ZeroZone is a Zeromag option that provides a very efficient magnetic circuit allowing defeat of fields >1000G in the work piece.

Magmeter - a range  of hand held magnetic instruments with robust stainless steel probes. Microprocessor controlled, providing self calibrating, self compensating measurement with options for serial connection to a PC.

Ferrite meter measures the ferrite content in steel alloys. The instrument probe is available as standard or air cooled for hot samples. The instrument is calibrated for ferrite number against the weld standards.

Magnetite detection instrument uses our novel force balancing probe. Used for detecting magnetite in cooling pipes, it allows users to identify the degree of pipe occlusion without x-rays.

The Squeeze Analyser measures the electrode force at key points during a resistance welding cycle.

Zeromag family

Zeromag ZM100A

Zeromag ZM100A-33

Zeromag ZM50

Zeromag ZM150


Magnetic meters

Ferrite meter

Magnetite meter

Squeeze Analyzer


Zeromag with degauss cable and probe Magmeter MF300H+ and probe Ferite meter MF300F+ with probe and samples in case Magnetite meter and probe Squeeze Analyser Zeromag with degauss cable and probe