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Diverse use magnetic finite element analysis in the design of its products.  The procedure is to make 3D drawings of the components and assemblies of the system and then import this into Comsol multi-physics. This allows the magnetic fields to be assessed together with other related physics such as electrical currents, mechanical forces and stresses, temperature rise and electrostatic fields.

User applications have ranged from pipe arrangements with specific materials through to the analysis of the magnetic field generated by an aluminium smelting pot line.

Diverse make this same capability available for assessment of customers’ deployment of our products in unusual applications. In its consultancy role, Diverse offer its customers this capability for assessment of and simulation of multi-physics in products and applications removed from our demagnetizing business.  

Following the above procedure, the client needs to supply us with 2/3D drawings of the system to be considered and we will undertake the analysis. The final output can be simply numeric, graphical or complex 3D representations as shown above.

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Magnetic Finite Element Analysis

Zeromag with degauss cable and probe