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Diverse provide a range of magnetic field meters to address a wide variety of magnetic measurements.  In contrast to conventional meters which typically have delicate ceramic probes, all Diverse Magmeters have robust stainless steel probes suitable for industrial use. The MF300H+ is a hall effect instrument effectively measuring H but is calibrated for B in air. The MF300B+ samples the flux from the sample and measures B directly.

Magmeter MF300H+

Our original meter which measures to 2 Tesla in 3 ranges.  It captures using peak, average and true RMS and features data logging with optional USB PC connection.

Magmeter MF300B+

This instrument measures the level of magnetism inside steel material.  Its novel flux stealing probe diverts flux from the material into the sensor. This unit is ideal for NDT use providing confirmation that minimum flux levels have been reached in the material under test.


Flux meter MF300B+ and probe

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Magmeter MF300H+ and probe


Magmeter MF300H+

Magmeter MF300B+