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DIVERSE have extensive experience in the design of custom light guides for a wide variety of applications.  The guides can be used to provide illumination to systems haptics whether this is buttons, indicators, backlights or decals. The key for any of these applications is efficiency, brightness and evenness of illumination.

As an important part of the process we work with the customer to develop an optical specification, agree a suitable light source with sufficient lumen output and then use this as the basis for the design process.

Our approach is to use 3D CAD files (often supplied by the client) together with a model of the light source in one of our photometric modelling packages. This type of software is able to simulate the optics and photometry of the system so that modification and optimisation of the optical design can be produced quickly without recourse to final moulded parts.

Customers benefit from this approach by receiving an optimised optical design, along with the quantitative proof that the design will meet their needs. Time to market is reduced and tooling risks eliminated.

See our consulting services pages for information about some of our historical projects.

Application Area

Example customers

Automobile fascia controls

Ford, GM, Volvo, VW, LandRover, Jaguar, BMW

Computer products

3Com, USRob

Back panel lighting

Aerospace, Airbus

Warning indicators on safety products

Chloride, Thorn, Eltek, Honeywell

White goods control panels and displays

Miele, Bosch, Mira

Road furniture and traffic lights

AGD, Traffic Systems

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