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The Diverse Zeromag ZM100A-33 is a demagnetising system for steel pipes and plates similar to the ZM100A. However it uses a power pack of double power allowing up to 33V output delivering 3KW continuous output power.

It is used to reduce the magnetic field levels in welding joint preparations to levels which are low enough to enable welding to proceed. It uses the same novel technology as the ZM100A. The solution is fast (ready to weld in just a few seconds), deep penetrating (will handle 50mm thick wall size) and easy to use.

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Although Zeromag ZM100A can handle all pipes and plates there are some scenarios where the high power version offers important advantages.  These situations are:

  1. High ambient field environments such as aluminium smelting. In this case Zeromag has to overcome not only the remenant field but also the ambient field concentrated in the steel component.
  2. Very large constructions where the wrapping length of 200m is required. Examples here are large steel frameworks such as are used for oil rig or wind farms.
  3. Assessment of the magnetic characteristics of pipe steels.  By driving the field to high levels the saturation characteristic can be revealed and the necessary demagnetizing field determined.

The ZM100A-33 retains the same controller as the standard unit and therefore has all the speed and convenience for solving arc blow problems quickly and simply. As with the whole family of Zeromags, it can be used with the ZM150 degauss unit. With Zeromag, you are in control - you can see the magnetic field level in the weld area, control Zeromag either manually or automatically and see the magnetism shrink to zero.  You then know its clear to weld unimpeded.

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