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DKPW Demagnetizers Kit for Pipe Welders

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Everything needed to overcome magnetic arc blow in one package. At its heart is the world leading Zeromag machine which measures and neutralizes magnetic fields which may be present in the weld preparation region of mating steel components. Zeromag is a portable machine that can be carried by one person to the site where it is needed.

Zeromag with degauss cable and probe

The kit comprises:

  • Zeromag ZM100A demagnetizer
  • Air cooled magnetic probe
  • Demagnetizing cable
  • Magmeter MF300H+ gaussmeter
  • Demagnetizing and probe extension cables
  • Storage and shipping cases

Other components of the kit include the MF300H+, the tool of choice for measuring in magnetism in weld preparations. The ZM2PG air cooled probe is built from stainless steel and is sufficiently robust that it can be used close to active welding in the weld prep.

A full cable set of demagnetizing cables and extension cables is provided. Finally, the whole kit is supplied in 2 robust packing cases for transport and storage.

The DKPW comes with simple and comprehensive instructions for use.  Diverse provide telephone and email support as well as training packages either on-site or on-line.

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