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Solving really BIG problems

Pioneering Spirit the world's largest platform installation/ decommissioning and pipelay vessel has been commissioned in Rotterdam. The Allseas ship is by far the world's largest vessel overall ever constructed (gross tonnage of 400KT, beam of 120m and displacement 900KT). It was constructed in Korea and fitted out in the Netherlands.

The operational and amortised costs of large pipe laying vessels is very high, so when laying pipes at sea it is essential that there are no holdups.  Residual magnetism in the pipes being laid can result in magnetic arc blow halting welding operations. That is why Diverse DKPW units (which include Zeromags and Magmeters) are deployed on Allseas vessels.


Hire or Buy examples

Zeromag can be purchased or hired as desired. The advantage of hire is that there is no capital cost and a hire unit can be shipped within a few hours to be on-site worldwide within a few days.

We have some users that prefer to hire and take Zeromag once or twice a year to solve specific magnetism problems.  A typical example is a customer who works in the turbine room of power stations, where the repair or update of thick walled steam pipes is enabled using Zeromag.  Its low frequency operation allows deep penetration of the demagnetizing field ensuring that welding is unhindered from the root through to capping.

With Offshore operations it is often more convenient as well as cost effective to hire, as it can be faster to get Zeromag directly from Diverse rather than transfer it stores/rig to rig.  Zeromag is regularly used in the UK and Norwegian sectors of the North Sea oil and gas fields.

All night working for Zeromag

For a recent pipeline project in The Netherlands, Diverse staff using Zeromag worked through the night to demagnetise a pipeline so that a new tie-in could be added to the country’s gas main. This was an old pipe that had been in the ground for many years and was seriously magnetised - at fit up a magnetic field of more than 800 Gauss were measured at the weld position. Zeromag allowed the pipeline work to be successfully completed and the gas supply reconnected to consumers without delay.

The technique used was to use Zeromag dynamic nulling, of what turned out to be linearly aligned magnetism.  In use, Zeromag was operated in auto mode with the probe in the weld prep, the field was nulled so that this allowed simultaneous welding at two positions around the pipe.

ZeroB Completes first live bus bar repair!

Diverse, working with its commercial partner Rio Tinto, have completed a trial at a smelter in the middle east to assess bus bar repair. The results provided confirmation that ZeroB is able to provide active shielding from the magnetic field to allow high quality welding resulting in a high quality repair with minimum inclusions and defects.