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Magnetic materials can become magnetised in all sorts of situations. The Diverse Zeromag ZM100A is the world famous product for solving magnetic arc blow. Armed with Zeromag, Diverse also provide a general degaussing service.

Diverse personnel have been used to degauss, or as consultants to, pipe laying operations to assist in overcoming magnetic arc blow.

Examples include:

  • Steam pipes for conventional and nuclear power stations
  • Large gas pipes which have become magnetised in the ground
  • Construction of LPG tanks
  • Construction of base and legs for wind turbine
  • Tie-ins to old pipelines where the old pipe is magnetised
  • Recycling incinerator construction
  • Pipe lines in Africa and the middle east
  • Gas pipelines in Thailand
  • Smelters in Canada, France, India and Australia
  • Weld qualification workshops in Europe and the Middle East

The complexity of the geometry and materials needs to be considered. With a variety of potential magnetic paths, parts of the magnetic circuit can be bypassed and consequently become very difficult to demagnetise.

In some instances it is necessary to fully characterise the materials for their magnetic properties. This information can then be used to set the saturation field, and set the key points in the demagnetisation sequence.

Zeromag working with the ZM150 degauss unit is a key tool that can be used for this process. Its fast reaction time and high current capability mean that demagnetisation can be accomplished quickly and efficiently.

Please call to discuss your practical project degauss requirements.

On-site Degaussing Service for Welding

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