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When working with pipes, the demagnetisation process requires that cable is wound around the pipes. Typically 20-50 turns are required. In some situations, such as production and pipe laying environments, the time taken for the winding process can become significant.

Zeromag with degauss cable and probe

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The ZMCC has been designed to provide a fast and effective solution for this problem. In use the Clam Coils are placed around the pipe and the connectors brought together; a cam driven mechanism is used to draw the 25 connectors together in a quick single action. Now just plug into Zeromag and your ready!

Clam Coils are usually deployed in pairs one on either side of the joint as shown in the above picture.

The Clam Coil is available in a variety of formats depending on the application. It is normally supplied as 25 turns of cable with an array of connectors capable of carrying more than 100A. The cable connect array has a full wiping action to ensure good clean contact for the 2500A total current through the device.

The forces required to mate and detach the connector array are high, and to make it easy to use, the cable clam has a cam mechanism. This allows deployment to be carried out in seconds by one person. It is supplied with leads to connect back to Zeromag and storage case.

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