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Diverse can supply Zeromag equipment in a variety of ways to its users.  We can sell hire or lease the products.  

Direct purchase

Simple and fast - equipment can be sent to any part of the planet to be on site within a few days.  Funds transfer direct to our bank (paid in USD, GBP or EURO) ensures that there are no unnecessary delays.


Diverse have Demagnetizers Kit for Pipe Welding (DKPW) hire units available for general applications.  These units are popular and you will need to contact us directly to determine availability and if necessary book your hire period.  If a unit is available we can ship to you within 1 working day.  Hire is by the week and a deposit is required.  The point at which it is cost effective to buy rather than rent is approximately 12 weeks.

Some of our products, for example clam coils and bobbins and made to fit the customer’s pipes.  These products are only available by direct purchase.


Diverse would be pleased to supply the equipment on a standard lease arrangement.  This can be cost and tax effective but does require lease agreement to be negotiated which will cause delays.

Buy, hire or lease

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