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Complete listing of products including our arc blow busting equipment and supplies.


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Information about how to get the best from Zeromag, Magmeter and others.

Diverse offer training and on site consultancy for magnetism problems.

Diverse Multi-physics

Diverse offer advanced finite element magnetic and multi-physics finite element analysis capability. Contact us for details.

Diverse manufacture equipment and provide expertise to overcome magnetic arc blow.  Our robust, portable, high power demagnetizers and magnetic instruments are used by leading welding companies worldwide.  Proven over years with hundreds of installations this technology is used at pipeline laying sites on land or at sea, construction sites and even in smelting environments.

The equipment is available with a range of output powers, and options such as joint degauss, clam coils and bobbins. Zeromag is designed to provide a zero gauss welding environment.  This allows welding that was impossible because of magnetic arc blow to proceed immediately completely unhindered.

 Demagnetizing: Pipeline and Construction

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“.. without Zeromag we could not have finished the job” - BP

“.. your equipment saved the project and effectively saved our company” - FPC

“.. when we tried to weld the gas main - the field was over 500 gauss, with Zeromag we controlled it to zero” - FB

“.. because of magnetism we had been trying to weld for 2 weeks - in minutes with Zeromag we were welding!”  - WBC

“.. the power station job was highly magnetised - without Zeromag we would have been sunk”  - TEI

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